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The Brooklyn PR’s strong and long-lasting relationships allow us to captivate the entire celebrity market from the highly esteemed actress/actor to the globally known pop culture performer. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to thoughtfully streamline each clients collection to fit the celebrity marketplace, we then strategically align the client's needs and marketing agenda with our network of International connections, Tastemakers and Global Style influencers.



Brooklyn PR offers a thorough consultancy that delivers insight and identifies opportunities to innovate and elevate a client’s presence and visibility in the public eye as well as stimulate brand marketing strategy. Meticulously connecting with the client to gain the most in-depth brand knowledge, our in-house commercial and marketing team can determine immediate and long-term goals. Brooklyn PR stays at the forefront of brand consultation by pairing our celebrity industry knowledge with our awareness of the ever-changing fashion climate to develop targeted communication strategies.

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  • Digital and Social Media Activation
  • Brand Showcasing
  • Endorsements
  • Influencer and VIP dressing (Street Style)
  • Brand Damage Control
  • Editorial digital and Inbook


  • Communication Plan
  • Project Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Events
  • PR
  • SEO
  • Web Development



Brooklyn PR maximizes PR value by implementing and conceptualizing creative and original initiatives on the behalf of our clients to curate breathtaking and memorable events. These events are strategically aligned with the brand marketing and sales initiatives to further broaden and enhance the entire brand portfolio and visibility

  • Budget Development, Management and  Negotiation

  • Site Research,Design and Management

  • Project Definition and Development

  • Creative Concepts and Design Direction

  • Technical Production Development and Management

  • Vendor Management and Communication

  • Talent Sourcing and Management

  • Schedule Management and Development